Weekly Highlight: SUHAMA Tomoko 須浜智子(1965- )

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       These playful ceramic spheres from artist Suhama Tomoko were created using the coil technique, and the artist likes to think of these hollow forms as "shells of air."

      She is interested in the transformation of clay from soft, pliable surface into hard, rigid "shell," and with these works aims to illustrate both states. The resulting forms have been painted with a barium glaze, producing a sensuous matte surface that calls to mind clear water or clean air. These two delightful works balance despite their seemingly spherical shape, perhaps aided by their uplifted layers, which reach out from the central forms as if being slowly peeled away.

  Suhama finds inspiration in nature and in the everyday objects of her day-to-day life. She compares creating ceramic works to the act of tending a garden, in which each tender seed requires care and attention in order to grow into a beautiful flower. Much like growing a garden, Suhama has said that "no matter how many times I've tried, I'm always so excited to see the new results."

      Born in 1965 in Hyogo, Suhama was educated at Kyoto Art University studied with SUZUKI Osamu 鈴木治 (1926-2001) and KURIKI Tatsusuke 栗木達介 (1943- ) and earned a Master's in 1990. She has exhibited frequently at galleries in Japan and abroad, including the Gallery Maronie, the Asahi Ceramic Exhibition, Gallery Haku, and INAX Gallery, and her works can be found in the collection of the Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo.

SUHAMA Tomoko 須浜智子 (1965- )
Right: "Untitled", 2013, H11.5"xDia10.5"
Left: "Untitled", 2013, H16.5"xDia14.5"