MIWA Kyusetsu 11th, Oni Hagi Tea Bowl

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MIWA Kyusetsu 11th


  Miwa Kyusetu 11代三輪休雪 is the eleventh generation in a family of potters that goes back over 350 years. He has been named a Living National Treasure for his ceramics, and lives up to this title by bringing a unique and original touch to this ancient, traditional art form. Miwa works with Hagi 萩 clay, which is widely accepted for its excellence in the tea ceremony. Indeed, this tea bowl sits beautifully cupped in who hands, perfectly balanced and deceptively light. The artist has applied a glaze he calls Oni Hagi 鬼萩 or "Devil Hagi ," a thick white ash glaze frosting that calls to mind the peel of an orange, the fluff of a marshmallow, or a covering of snow. The sensuality of the glaze invites both touch and taste. This tea bowl also features the artist's signature cross foot (割高台 Warikodai), which historically allowed ceramic pieces to be tied up and carried or displayed in the marketplace. This well-crafted and masterfully handled tea bowl displays the substantial talent and innovative spirit that Miwa brings to this traditional medium.

MIWA Kyusetsu 11th 11代三輪休雪 (1910-2012), 

Living National Treasure 人間国宝

Oni Hagi Tea Bowl 鬼萩割高台茶碗, 1988

H3.5" x Dia6"