KINO Satoshi

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Many Shades of Celadon

KINO Satoshi

       Contemporary Japanese sculptor Kino Satoshi (1987-) is a young artist with a big vision. Like many Japanese artists, Kino finds inspiration in nature and natural forces. His elegant celadon pieces are part of a series whose title references a cold wind coming down from the mountains, and one can easily imagine the cool motion of a mountain wind in this perfectly balanced spiral form. The artist made more traditional, wheel-thrown pieces during his MFA program at Kyoto Art University, but was inspired to move in a more sculptural direction after visiting New York and studying the collections of the Museum of Modern Art and Dia:Beacon. After this trip, Kino removed all traces of the artist's hand from his work in favor of clean, unmarked surfaces. He also began to focus on the viewing space and the way in which the viewer interacts with his work, and its relationship between the space and the piece itself. His pieces reward looking from all angles, as the wings and arms appears to shift and change when approached from different vantage points. Ceramics are just one part of Kino's artistic practice, as he also loves to venture outdoor and collaborative sculpture in wood and metal. His beautifully balanced, delicately thin ribbon of porcelain forms would be an excellent addition to any sculpture collection. 

1987 Born in Kyoto

2012 M.F.A., Kyoto City University of Art

2010 B.F.A., Kyoto Seika University

2011  The National Culture Festival in Kyoto, Encouraged   Award

2013 The International Ceramic Magazine Editors Conference, Grand Prix, China

2014 The first prize, the V Ceramic Contest BICMA, Spain

KINO Satoshi

Oroshi (Mountain wind)