SHIMIZU Uichi, Vase and Tea Bowl

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Many Shades of Celadon


Vase and Tea Bowl

     Ceramicist Shimizu Uichi (1926-2004) brings new dimensions to the celadon tradition. Due to high iron content, his finished work is a beautiful greenish beige rather than the more common blue, blue-green or blue white color. Differences in the heat of the reduction fire, as well as the amount of iron in the clay, can produce very different shades of celadon, allowing for great variety within the medium. Shimizu works in a double crackle pattern in these two works. 
     The layering of cracked glaze catches the light and produces a deep golden glow. This lends a feeling of depth to the surface, like peering into deep glacial ice.  Over this surface, the artist has added a rich iron slip that beads at the top of both works. This slip is pronounced and dynamic in the vase, and subtler in the smaller tea bowl. Both the foot of the bowl and the vase remain unglazed, giving the viewer a chance to admire and to feel the beauty of the thick celadon surface, and the rich dark iron clay. On the clay base, he stamps WU (卯) as his signature. The beads seem to dissolve and drip down the length of both works, providing movement and visual interest. Shimizu was named a Living National Treasure in 1985 for his mastery of iron glaze, and these are excellent examples of that body of work.

Yellow Celadon Tea Bowl

H3 x Dia5.25 inches     

with signed wood box       $4,300

Yellow Celadon Vase

H9 x Dia4 inches      

With signed wood box   $4,800