FUKAMI Sueharu Vase

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Many Shades of Celadon

FUKAMI Sueharu


This elegant piece by Fukami Sueharu, arguably Japan's most popular ceramic artist, beautifully utilizes the pure celadon blue and delicate rib accent that are signatures of his work.  This one of a kind, unique thrown bowl, while more functional than much of Fukami's other work, retains the feeling of lightness and uplift through its tall, narrow shape. The two small raised dots at that accent the meeting of lip and rib, as well as the organic shape reveal that Fukami continues to think sculpturally in this work.  The pinched oval opening at the mouth of this vessel brings a sense of the organic to the piece, recalling the natural form of plants or even of microscopic cells. He often uses nature as a starting point for his abstract works, distilling its beauty and power into pure, elegant ceramics. Fukami's pristine celadon works, inspired by Chinese Song Dynasty porcelain, are widely collected and are represented in many museum collections.

FUKAMI Sueharu 深見陶治


H26.5 x Dia12.2-13.2cm