New York International Fine Arts & Antique Show

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ManShades OCeladon

at IFAAS at 67th Park Avenue Armory 

October 17th- 23rd  BOOTH C4

     The long history of celadon glaze goes back to the Song Dynasty in 10th-13th century China, and was introduced in Japan soon thereafter. That the medium still draws practitioners over a thousand years later is a testament to its arresting beauty and the room for creativity within the medium. This group of modern masters of Japanese ceramics illustrates celadon's range, as each artist introduces his own innovations and creative sensibilities. Fukami Sueharu's elegant, sky blue evocations of natural forces transcend the earthy roots of the ceramic arts. Shimizu Uichi builds depth in his green-beige celadon surfaces through ice crackle pattern, which gives his work a kind of luminous glow. A more subtle crackle graces the surface of Suzuki Sansei's egg blue celadon wares, while Uraguchi Masayuki has devised a rich "seaweed-colored" celadon that mimics the golden green glow of sunlit underwater weeds. These are but a few of the many shades of celadon, each one unique to the conditions of its making and as individual as the artists themselves. Sublime celadon works by 
Kawase Shinobu, Nagae Shigekazu, Wakai Kei,Kato Tsubusa and Kino Satoshi will be available as well. 

Our exhibition coincides with the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo's Celadon Now: Techniques and Beauty Handed Down from Southern Song to Today, where many of our favorite artists' great works can be viewed