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Many Shades of Celadon



    This beautiful tea bowl by Uraguchi Masayuki (1964-) features a unique celadon glaze that was invented by the artist himself. This rich glaze is remarkable for its iridescent green color, which the artist has called "seaweed color." (海松瓷)A deep iron brown accents the crackled surface, recalling the veins of the seaweed leaves, while the shimmer of the reflective surface mimics the play of sunlight on water. This glaze is also incredibly thick, as can be seen near the foot of the bowl. One can easily imagine the pull of gravity slowly acting on the viscous glaze from its fluid edge, which leaves the iron-tinged foot of the bowl prominently visible. Uraguchi attended Tokyo Art University, specialized in the study and research of Miura Koheji, who is a Living National Treasure for celadon glaze. Uraguchi is now well recognized for his excellent celadon works.  
    His works are shown with Miura Koheiji, Shimizu Uichi and other outstanding artists in Celadon Now: Techniques and Beauty Handed Down From Southern Song Today at the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo from Sept. 14- Nov. 14, 2014. He brings the feel of the forms and forces of nature into his ceramic work with deeply beautiful results.  

Dark Green Celadon Tea Bowl

Celadon glazed Stoneware

H3 x Dia6 inches