KAKO Katsumi

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KAKO Katsumi 

  Born to a traditional pottery family in Kyoto, Kako Katsumi(1965-) chooses his own career path in Tamba, one of the six ancient kiln sites. This unique, sculptural piece by the award-winning Japanese artist Kako was inspired by the work of prominent Japanese American sculptor Isamu Noguchi. Noguchi often worked with the circle, the primary formal element in this beautiful piece. The circle has ancient ties to Asian philosophy and to the idea of the cyclical nature of life and of all things. 

    The artist titled this work Halo, which calls to mind a completely different set of metaphoric meanings for the circle, including ideas of eternity, spirituality, and exaltation. This form is technically very challenging when attempted in ceramic, as its delicate shape is prone to bursting during the firing process, and takes great skill to achieve. The outer surface of the circular form features a beautiful ochre arabesque over a textured ground. As the signature color of Japanese Yayoi period ceramics, this ochre color recalls long histories of Asian pottery. The subtle incised lines also add texture, creating an additional layer of movement to the surface alongside the arabesques.

    The whole form rests on an elegant dark wood base, whose sloped sides give the entire composition a feeling of lightness and lift befitting its lofty philosophical underpinnings. This striking piece of ceramic sculpture transcends the humble origins of its medium to achieve a powerful form of grace.KAKO Katsumi


H: 21 x W: 15x D: 4.75 inches