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SUZUKI Goro : Goribe Platter


    Suzuki Goro(1941-) created this master piece " with passion and skill like no one else", says Masahiro KARASAWA from Tokyo National Museum. This stunning piece is part of Suzuki Goro's revolutionary Goribe series, which brings together many disparate ceramic styles into a single, breathtaking work of art. Drawing from tableware traditions in both technique and style, the uniqueness of this piece playfully and masterfully displays Suzuki's precise skill. The HUGE leaf form has a distinct sculptural presence, and would be just at home hanging on a wall as sitting on a table.

   In order to combine so many distinct styles, the piece must go through two very careful firings: one reduction flame and one oxidation flame. Since the different glazes need different kinds of heat to succeed, Suzuki uses some glazes before the first firing and then others before the second. This requires an extraordinary knowledge of clay, glazing and the firing process, and his great success demonstrates a confident mastery of the technique. This Goribe series piece is a beautiful tapestry of distinct and recognizable styles of the Japanese ceramic tradition. The ki-seto style, with its incised radish comes in from one side lively. The abstract organic and black & white geometric patterns of the oribe style, as well as its fields of blue and green glaze, dominate the stem side of the leaf. Shino style, a white ground with painted black crows and organic forms, anchors the other end. And the deep matte black of the seto kuro style, as rich and supple as old leather and accented by small avian roundels, completes the survey. The different styles come together like a patchwork quilt, unified by organic forms and depictions of birds throughout. 

    This piece represents a significant artistic achievement, one that brings together the distinct beauty associated with each style into one single masterpiece.  Other examples of Suzuki's work reside in collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, the Museum of Fine Art, Boston, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Denver Art Museum, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum, Seto, Aichi, Japan, Meito Art Museum, Aichi, Japan, Menard Art Museum, Aichi, Japan, and many others. Suzuki has become a veritable magician of the ceramic arts, and the Goribe series signifies his assertive arrival at the peak of his genius! 


五 (GO)is from Goro五郎,
利 (RI) is from SENNO Rikyu千利休,

部 (BE) is from FURUTA Oribe古田織部.
The platter size: 31.8 L x 20 W x 7 H inches