New York Art, Antique & Jewelry Show

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Pottery As Canvas
at New York Art, Antique & Jewelry Show 
September 17- 21, 2014 Booth#516

     A renewed interest in cultural diplomacy in the years following World War II led to a vibrant artistic exchange between the United States and Japan with artists on both sides finding inspiration in new and foreign styles.

    This exhibition explores the work of ten Japanese ceramicists whose practice reflects the influence of American postwar abstraction. YAMADA Hikaru and KOIE Ryoji both adapt the rich gestural brushstrokes of Abstract Expressionism to the surfaces of their ceramic works, while the works of HAYASHI Yasuo and SETO Hiroshi engage with the more geometric, hard-edge side of early Minimalism. TSUBOI Asuka beautifully translates the rich color and sinuous line of Morris Louis' stained canvases into three dimensions, just as YANAGIHARA Mutsuo incorporates the same surrealist line that inspired many American artists in the 1940s. NAKASHIMA Harumi's wild patterning comes straight out of Op Art and the work of KUSAMA Yayoi, while MATSUDA Yuriko's bizarre creations recall the more imaginative works of Andy Warhol.

    Though these artists create work that is stylistically divergent, they are united by their shared connections to postwar American art and by their shared project of translating that influence into ceramic art that seamlessly combines ancient tradition and modern innovation.