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Pottery As Canvas


    The groundbreaking artist Tsuboi Asuka was one of the first women to practice ceramic arts in the highly traditional climate of Kyoto. Undaunted by the disadvantages she faced as a woman in a man's world, Tsuboi founded the Women's Cermic Association in the late 1950s to create a space for community among female artists. 

    As a lifelong feminist, her work consistently touches on issues of femininity, desire, and the female body, and this unique piece is no exception. The colorful undulating frills that make this piece so striking are distinctly vulvic-an analogy strengthened by their position around a central opening or vessel-suggesting a celebration of female sexuality. This piece also illustrates Tsuboi's interest in postwar American abstraction, and in particular the work of Morris Louis. Louis created his stripe paintings by allowing paint to freely flow down an unprimed canvas, propelled only by gravity, creating organic rivers of color that soaked into the material of the canvas. Tsuboi reimagines these flowing colors in three dimensions as rippling frills that surround the piece, creating a playfully active and colorful surface.


H: 12 x d: 9 inches