Seductive Beauty: Master Pieces From Japan
March 10-18, 2016

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The soul of Japanese ceramics is an organic force inextricably bound to the beauty and bounty of the natural world. The small islands of Japan contain nature's multitudes, from mountains to forests to seas, and each new season brings unique gifts and delights. A connection to nature runs in the veins of Japanese artists, and this connection is especially important for the potters who use the earth/clay as the very material of their art.

With this in mind, Dai Ichi Arts is proud to present SEDUCTIVE beauty for Asia Week 2016, a wide-ranging exploration of the relationship between Japanese ceramics and their natural world. This exhibition will feature many diverse interpretations of natural form that will be grouped into four sections, as each artist explores nature in a unique and personal way. The legendary Tsuji Kyo's work glorified by century old wood fired technique, Higashida juxtaposes the smoothness of his rich glazes against the rough earth of the clay vessel, allowing the glaze to follow like a waterfall down the form. Using a fabric-pressing technique called Nunome, Ito Motohiko creates soft, lovely surfaces that he paints with symbols of the four seasons. SEDUCTIVE beauty will showcase realistic and abstracted interpretations of nature in both form and decoration, the natural influences of Japanese philosophy, and artists working in both traditional and modern styles. We hope to see you during Asia Week, March 10-18, for this exciting exhibition.

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Image Left: HIGASHIDA Shigemasa 東田茂正 (1955- )
Oribe Stacked Box 織部重箱, 2015
H11.2" x W6.5" x 6.9", H28.5 x W16.5 x D17.5cm 
Signed Shigemasa at the back
With Signed Wood Box

Image Center: TSUJI Kyo 辻協(1930-2008)
Plate with Moth Design
H1.5" x Dia21.5"
Wood-fired Stoneware
Early 1990's

Image Right: ITO Motohiko 伊藤東彦 (1939- )
Vase Magnolia 布目泰山木花瓶
H11.8" x W11.6" x D5.3", H30.1 x W29.6 x D13.5cm
Signed Moto 東 at the back
With Signed Wood Box