Year end note

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It has been a wonderful year here at Dai Ichi Arts! Looking back, we are grateful first of all for our incredible artists. We are constantly inspired by their beautiful works and touched by their attitudes toward life. Their dedication and persistence are an example to us all. We are especially proud of Miwa Kyusetsu, whose tea bowl was acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art and whose water jar is housed by the Indianapolis Museum of Art. We are encouraged by the support and patronage of our incredible collectors, and we would like to thank the many of you who shared your kindness toward us this year. Your feedback warms our hearts and helps us grow. 

Looking forward, we will continue to share our stories with you, keeping you all updated as our artists share their joys, their sorrows, and all of the ups and downs of life and art. Working with each and every one of them is an enormous gift. We have prepared a fantastic show for Asia Week this March, Seductive Beauty: Masterpieces from Japan, and are also looking forward to Incense Burners: Seize the Moment, coming in September. Those are just two of the many wonderful things we will be bringing to you in 2016!

We pray for your safety and peace in the coming year, and hope you stay in touch!

The gallery will be closed from December 24th through January 3rd, 2016. We look forward to your visit from January 4th, 2016 and on!